Our Workflow

We work with a variety of clients in many different industries. Most are very familiar with the process of creating 3D renderings but for those who are new to the world of 3D below is a brief explanation of how our 3D visualisation process works.  

Step 1 – Client Brief

Once initial contact has been made with us, we will arrange a meeting to discuss the scope of the work, the clients requirements, vision and the project deadline. After all the information has been considered we then move onto the next step, project quotation.  

Step 2 – Quotation

All of our quotations are subject to a 50% deposit before any work commences. Once the deposit has been paid we will then begin work, a project timeline will be allocated and the client will be kept up to date as each milestone has been reached.  

Step 3 – 3D Modelling

The Client will need to provide us with AutoCAD drawings so that we can begin the modelling process (measured hand drawings are also acceptable). If additional information such as site photography, 3D MAX, Sketchup, Revit or any other compatible 3D model data is available we can use these to aid us in the modelling process.  

Step 4 – Pre Visualisation

With the modelling completed we then proceed to add lighting to the scene. We then select the best camera angles to showcase full potential of the space. White or “Clay” Renders are done so that the client can visualise space, we can then make adjustments to the lighting to portray different moods or times of the day. Once the client is happy with the selected views we will move onto applying materials and staging the scene.  

Step 5 – Materials and Staging

Ideally we would want the client to supply mood boards and material samples for us to accurately texture the scene. If this is not possible we shall source the appropriate materials and apply them to the scene.  

Step 6 – Review

The client will be supplied with draft renders of the project for review. There are a limited amount of changes allowed before additional costs are incurred.  

Step 7 – Final Render

Once all changes have been completed and the final images have been approved by the client, we will proceed with the final render. The final high resolution will be delivered to a private Dropbox for the client to download. The invoice for the balance of the payment will be submitted.